We say
Thank God it wasn’t me
We thank
At least it wasn’t this
We exclaim
I can’t imagine worse

How do we compare?
What is the measure?
Is it volume of tears
Or weight of hearts?
Is it friendships lost
Or hours awake?
Could it be hallways paced,
Perhaps tissues thrown?

Never known or known and lost
Years of searching, never finding
Handfuls of weeks or thirty-seven
And one day
Before smiles evaporate

To hold, but never breathe
Just one day or none
Fighting day after day
Or gliding through life
And then. Out of nowhere. Stop.

Rank them.
In order of pain.
Who is the judge?
Am I?
Are you?

Is the journey to the pain the judge?
Or the journey from the pain?

Which life would you rather?
Who would you trade?
Why do we judge?

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