Baby Loss Hour aims to create a regular space for those affected or invested in Baby Loss to share, learn and connect about life after loss.

"Baby Loss Hour has been incredibly helpful to me. I lost my baby shortly after birth and came to Instagram to find other mums in the same position. The support I found was amazing. The people I have interacted with during Baby Loss Hour have helped me get my head around how I'm doing and they have encouraged me to be more gentle to myself. Having people who have gone through what I am currently going through has bee amazing and I have felt confident to ask all the questions I don't have anywhere else to ask" - Harry's Mum, Mary
"To me it means support, comfort and understanding. A safe place to ask and share whatever you need to, to people who get it. You can be completely open and honest without being judged. I only hope many more people can find this chat, to be given the level of support & compassion that only comes from the loss community." - Noah's mum, Sarah

I am no expert, and I don’t pretend to have the answers – I am just a parent who who has experienced stillbirth and miscarriage – but I do know the power of peer-to-peer support, having a voice, and being listened too, discovering others who can say ‘me too’, and being informed in the bigger picture of baby loss outside of your own story. And that, to me, is what Baby Loss Hour can give people – people who can take part, and people who prefer to silently observe.

If you are not sure how to get involved in Baby Loss Hour – watch this handy vlog, here

"For me #BabyLossHour is an hour of the week where I can put all my energy in to mothering Jason and not feel guilty about it. I can openly talk to others who just know and understand and don't feel like I am being judged because three years later I haven't "moved on" from the loss of my son. Baby Loss Hour brings a very lonely situation and throws you in with others to prove you are not alone." - Jason mum, Amy

Baby Loss Hour happens every Tuesday evening between 8-9pm from the @thelegacyofleo account and via the #BabyLossHour hashtag. Please do join in, and get involved. Check out the schedule below…



NOVEMBER 20th : GUEST HOST : Al from The Dad Network will be leading a discussion on Men, Mental Health and Baby Loss in aid of International Men’s Day. You can find out more about The Dad Network here.

NOVEMBER 27th : GUEST HOST : Zephyrs will be joining us to lead a discussion on volunteering for charities and organisations following loss. You can find out more about Zephyrs here.


DECEMBER 4th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – first chat of the month drop in session – how is everyone doing?

DEMCEBER 11th : Pre Christmas and New Year Self Care – What are our plans?

DECEMBER 18th : Last #BabyLossHour of the year – come along for a festive end of year review, a bit of light fun and to celebrate a year of supporting each other, educationing health care professionals, and all round talking about baby loss.

Please do share with others who you think would be interested, and follow me on Twitter to ensure you see the information ahead of the chats – as well as keeping an eye on the #BabyLossHour hashtag.

If anyone requires support, please do look at my Information & Support page to discover key organisations that are there to listen. 

To catch up on past Baby Loss Hour chats, visit the archive here