You may have stumbled upon my blog for a variety of reasons, but should you need further support and information, I have collated a few places here, and will regularly review and update this.

Pregnancy, Baby or Child Loss Support & Information

SANDS, Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity : Support for anyone affected by the death of a baby

Tommy’s : Information and research on the causes stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage

Miscarriage Association : Here to help you through

Antenatal Results & Choices : Here for parents through antenatal screening and its consequences

Child Bereavement UK : Rebuilding Lives Together

Lullaby Trust : Safer sleep for babies, support for families

Stillbirth Stories : an audio collection of experiences from parents and professionals

Remember My Baby : Remembrance photography for UK parents losing a baby before, during or after birth

Cherished Gowns : Providing clothes for baby funerals

Aching Arms : bringing comfort after pregnancy and baby loss

Saying Goodbye : provide services and support for people who have lost children at any stage of pregnancy, at birth, or in infancy, be it last week or 60-years ago

Grieving Parents Network : The Grieving Parents Support (GPS) Network’s intention is to facilitate bereaved parents to support and uplift other bereaved parents.

Petals Counselling : Counselling for trauma and loss through pregnancy and birth

Reading Lifeline : Space for your story (Berkshire Baby Loss & Infertility Counselling service)

Our Missing Peace UK : Breaking the silence in the world of child loss

Heart in their Hand: ‘Heart in their Hand’ is a beautiful project which offers families a gift that is shared with their baby or loved one

Pregnancy Support & Information

MAMA Academy : Supporting mothers and midwives to help babies arrive safely

Kicks Count : Empowering mums with knowledge and information during pregnancy

Group B Strep Support : Preventing life threatening Group B Strep infection in newborn babies

Tommy’s Midwives : Having a safe and healthy pregnancy

Lullaby Trust : Safer sleep for babies, support for families

Rainbow Antenatal : Rainbow pregnancy support courses, information and support hub

Joel, The Complete Package : Supporting parents through pregnancy and parenting after loss

Pregnancy After Loss Support : Choosing hope over fear while nurturing grief

Positive Birth Movement : Support. Information. Choice.

More information about what I have since learnt about positive pregnancy health can be found on our regular reminder message, on Facebook, here.

Mental Health & Grief Support 

Samartians : Need support?

Mind : for better mental health

Let’s Talk About Loss : peer-led bereavement support for those aged 16-30

Petals Counselling : Counselling for trauma and loss through pregnancy and birth

NHS UK : A list of mental health charities and support services

Fertility Support and Information

Infertility Network : Advice, Support & Understanding

HFEA UK :  UK Regulator for use of gametes and embryos in fertility treatment and research

Other Blogs & Inspiration

Dear Orla : Learning to live wholeheartedly without our daughter, one letter at a time

Storms & Rainbows : A story of recurrent loss and searching for rainbows

Feathering the Empty Nest :  Home. Lifestyle. Loss.

Frivolous Mama : A UK based blog on life and parenting after loss

Postcards for Findlay : Life. Loss. Parenthood.

Scribbles & Crumbs  is a community on a mission to unite all who have known suffering through the common ground of compassion and love.

On Coming Alive Project : Stories of Rising from the Ashes and Coming Alive

Dr Jessica Zucker : #IHadAMiscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Cards

Laurel Box : Online shop with items to nurture a woman’s heart, should, body and home after loss

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