What to #SimplySay to someone after a miscarriage

Yesterday, The Miscarriage Association launched their #SimplySay campaign to highlight the different things you could say to support someone following a miscarriage - as well as some typical things to avoid... It's really great to see organisations tackle this aspect of baby loss. It might seem like a small thing to some people, but seriously [...]


Baby Loss and International Women’s Day 2017

Today is International Women's Day - a day to celebrate the women's rights movements, and the position that women hold today in society as a result, but also campaign for change and progress. This year's theme centres around women in the world of work with the moto of #BeBoldForChange. Whilst I've always been aware as a [...]

On the Due Date of the Baby We Miscarried

Today, is our due date. The due date of the baby we miscarried in summer, of our flicker of hope, of our little Robin. I didn't actually remember until mid morning. Or at least I didn't really click that it was the 23rd until mid morning. I'd known that this date was approaching. It's a [...]

Tommy’s Awards : Mum’s Voice, a celebration of a year of Leo

The charity, Tommys, means so much to us. In the darkest days, we discovered them and their desire to fight baby loss and they gave us so much hope. Hope for a future after stillbirth, for the potential of bringing home a breathing baby, for surviving. I can't really put into words exactly what Tommy's [...]

The Baby Loss Debate : Talk About it We Must 

Today, the House of Commons hosted the Baby Loss Debate, that was introduced by Antionette Sandbach and Will Quince, co-chairs of the All-Party Parliamentry Group for Baby Loss. It has been welcomed and highly anticipated by the baby loss community. The first debate of this kind on this levels is aptly timed for Baby Loss [...]

Grief Brain : Baby Brain’s Ugly Sister 

Lately, we've talked about the notion of grief brain and having just done a quick Google, I feel pretty validated that its a genuine thing. I remember when baby brain hit when I was pregnant with Leo. I'd stare at the keyboard for ages at work, trying to work out how to spell the simplest of [...]

Validating Motherhood with a Sweater

Today, I got happy post. Happy post in the form of Tiba & Marl Selfish Mother sweater. I have wanted one for SO long. The Tiba & Marl Selfish Mother jumper specifically raises money for Tommys, and anything and anyone that supports Tommy's, is a friend in my book. Last weekend, through some posts on [...]

Why Leo Dying is Not the Same as Trying To Conceive

Its quite a natural thing in human nature to compare an experience that someone has, to one of your own. It makes you feel included, similar, able to offer support and advice. Some do it more often than others, some just sit and listen and wish not to compare. Some do have similar experiences, that are [...]

A Creative Outlet for Grief

I can't actually believe that we've got it this far, its still very early days, but last week we launched our little shop 'Mini Robin Designs' and I am loving having a creative purpose to all the thoughts running through my head, and I hope that others like what we are creating.