Tommy’s #SleepOnSide in Pregnancy Campaign to help prevent Stillbirth

Back in September, we were honoured to be invited to a 'Bloggers and Influencers' event to help launch a new pregnancy health campaign, following some groundbreaking research from Tommy's and Prof Alexander Heazell. The event was hosted by Clemmie Telford, from Mother of All Lists fame, and was attended by people with much greater influencing [...]


What if I had #OneMoreMinute with Leo?

A few weeks ago, Child Bereavement UK launched a fantastic new campaign called #OneMoreMinute to highlight the support that they provide bereaved families, and what those families would say to their loved ones, if only they had one more minute. Its heartbreaking, yet so effective in showcasing grief, pain, loss, and love of the bereaved [...]

When Awareness Raising is Heavy Hearted | Baby Loss Awareness Week 2017

Despite being so pleased with the range of coverage Baby Loss has gathered this week, it's also really really hard. It seems a lot of people in the Baby Loss community are incredibly heavy hearted whilst being really pleased that we seem to be getting somewhere with having the much needed conversations in the mainstream. [...]

Stillbirth Stories : Because Each Story Matters

Almost eighteen months ago, I submitted our story in response to to a call out on Twitter. At that point, I didn't really know much about the project, other than it was endorsed by Tommys and SANDS. Once I heard more about it, it transpired that Nicola Gibson and Emma Beck where working on a [...]

Butterfly Awards 2017

Apologies for the quiet over here lately, we've been busy moving house! I just wanted to put a post up to let people know about The Butterfly Awards if they don't follow along on social media. The Butterfly Awards aim to celebrate and raise awareness of the people, both personally and professionally, affected by Baby [...]

Rainbows aren’t the Cure | Saying Hello to Grief Again

I would describe grief as a living, breathing entity. Quite like the embers of a fire. They can sit, perfectly safe, but present for ages. Then a slow breeze can hit them, provide the much needed oxygen, and slowly the flames will reignite. Give it the right conditions, and you have a fire once again. [...]

What to #SimplySay to someone after a miscarriage

Yesterday, The Miscarriage Association launched their #SimplySay campaign to highlight the different things you could say to support someone following a miscarriage - as well as some typical things to avoid... It's really great to see organisations tackle this aspect of baby loss. It might seem like a small thing to some people, but seriously [...]