Dear Eli, today is your due date…

Today is Eli's due date. 40 weeks. This is not a date that we ever held as being significant in terms of his arrival, as we always knew our pregnancy would never last that long. But it does feel poignant, so we are going out to celebrate this would-be end to our pregnancy.  These past [...]


To Breast or Not to Breast

I really want to discuss our feeding journey for Eli, but I feel like it's a topic that can sometimes becomes far too political, so I've really debated how to approach it. Ultimately however, we started this blog to share the realities of our journey after Leo's death, and it's become a place (almost a [...]

Magpie : Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support Week 33 -35

Here are my final Bump Day Blog Updates for Pregancy After Loss Support. Week 33: Preparing for Birth and Beyond "I find myself quite comfortable with the pregnancy side of things, given we’ve done this before. I know an element of what to expect, it isn’t new. Although this pregnancy is different in response to [...]

Magpie : Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support Week 29 – 32

An update on some of the latest Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support, weeks 29 - 32. Week 29: A Shift "Throughout this pregnancy, I have never really felt pregnant enough. Everything always seems as though it’ll be when you get to X weeks or from the third trimester. And it feels now [...]

Sharing our Journey : Tommy’s Maternal & Fetal Health Research Centre 

Today, we had the honour of attending a training event for Central Manchester NHS Trust, as a patient representative for the Rainbow Clinic.  We've discussed previously our involvement with the Clinic - it uniquely provides care in a subsequent pregnancy following a stillbirth or neonatal death. Their method of antenatal care is all inclusive, providing [...]

Magpie : Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support Week 25 – 28

An update on our Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support, following Magpie's pregnancy from Week 25 - 28.   Week 25: National I am in Control Day "Our relationship with control is absolutely what breeds our anxiety. You are suddenly very aware of how little control you actually have over the essence of [...]

Heads Together & #oktosay

I've been really impressed lately with the Head Together foundation in general, and their message of #oktosay - I spotted today that they've got their own emoji with their hashtag on Twitter, so its clearly going places! Not that a campaign led by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry was ever really going [...]