LGBT Baby Loss | Life After Loss

We had a different appreciation for what lied ahead and so we tried, even though we were still heartbroken, to enjoy all the little moments.


A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Bereaved Mother

This is a guide for Mothers' Day gifts, or gifts for any day, for the bereaved. If you have a friend or family member who has lost a child, or you are bereaved yourself and fancy treating yourself, these are some of my favourite shops or gifts, with an extra layer of poignancy to them. 

LGBT Baby Loss | I Can Carry You

My eyes were opened to the struggle that a fertility cycle could involve. I no longer naïvely thought it would only take one attempt to bring home a baby. And I now knew the devastating truth that a healthy pregnancy did not always end with a baby to keep.


I was never able to write a #ThankYouMidwife post when the campaign first came out. Not because of any ill feeling towards any one person, but just because the images of the campaign didn't sit alongside my images - I couldn't relate. Yet I wrote something the other day for a publication that isn't going … Continue reading #ThankYouMidwife