#AdventToRemember is a project aimed at anyone grieving over Christmas, and missing a loved one – whoever that may be.

It was born from our first Christmas after Leo died, when we shared our Advent project for him on our blog. We decided to soften the pain, to do something everyday in his name, whether it be creating a new memory or a random act of kindness. It really helped the season pass by with a little less pain and gave us such fond memories of Leo’s first Christmas. It could never be what it should be, and it couldn’t erase grief – but it did help.

So, on the second year we opened it up to others, and as a result, created a small community of those grieving at Christmas who were all sharing their love for whoever they were missing, through the hashtag #AdventToRemember. It created a wave of inspiration, and I couldn’t be more prouder of what everyone did.

To find out more about #AdventToRemember, here is the introduction post, and here is the recap post from 2017.

If you are discovering this throughout the year, we will be doing it every year and welcome anyone who may be grieving to join in in whichever way you’d like. 

Follow up in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye out on the lead up to Advent to discover more. And please feel free to signpost this page to anyone you think this project might help.

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Many thanks for everyone who took part or supported the project.


Please do get in touch if you’d like to take part and what to know more.

Jess – x