Better Births 2019 : Safety, Trust and Care

This week, I attended the NHS England Better Births Three Years On Event and share Leo and Eli's story. The event saw the annual review of the 2016 Better Births paper, aimed at improving maternity services in England. Over 500 people were in attendance across maternity, obstetric, neonatal and other related services together with families … Continue reading Better Births 2019 : Safety, Trust and Care


How to Help a Friend who Has Lost a Baby

Every week, bereaved parents affected by Baby Loss get together on Twitter and chat about various topics about life after baby loss. We do this through my twitter chat, #BabyLossHour. A recent topic was 'how to support a bereaved parent' - something that no doubt many people have typed into Google in a quest to answer one of the most challenging encounters of friendship (or other such relationships).

Leo Phoenix is Three!

Three. I'd sum three up as bloody surreal. I mean, it's all surreal but with each year, that feeling gets stronger. I think the distance makes the memories that bit more sketchy, and far less tangible. 'Three' is not the 6lb 4oz newborn that we said goodbye to. 'Three' is not the baby we'd dreamed … Continue reading Leo Phoenix is Three!

Grieving this Christmas? Discover #AdventToRemember and its Wonderful Community

#AdventToRemember is a project aimed at anyone grieving over Christmas, and missing a loved one - whoever that may be. It was born from our first Christmas after Leo died, when we shared our Advent project for him on our blog. We decided to soften the pain, to do something everyday in his name, whether … Continue reading Grieving this Christmas? Discover #AdventToRemember and its Wonderful Community

Craving Stillness – an Opportunity to Reflect and Restore Thanks to the Teddy’s Wish Retreat

Back in Summer, I saw a Facebook post from the charity Teddy's Wish, about a retreat for bereaved parents. I instantly put my name forward. I didn't even really consider what would be involved. I just knew that I wanted to go. For me, one of the biggest challenges in parenting after loss is time. … Continue reading Craving Stillness – an Opportunity to Reflect and Restore Thanks to the Teddy’s Wish Retreat

You Do Not Need to Face it Alone | Karen, from Petals Charity for the #ItStillTakesAVillageBlogSeries

I’m Karen Burgess the CEO of Petals, the baby loss counselling charity. I am also the founder, having set up Petals in 2011 – I am a counsellor by training and have been working with maternity services for 10 years.

Swinging Between Trees and Dangling at Height – Igniting My Lion Heart

A short blog on our Go Ape Adventure as part of our Ignite Your Lion Heart Challenge – first posted at

Ignite Your Lion Heart

When I started to think up the idea of Ignite Your Lion Heart, it developed from the idea of me doing Go Ape.

Ever since we started fundraising for baby loss charities, I knew it would be the thing that, for me, would be beyond challenging. I’m not a runner, I can’t ride a bike – so whilst tackling the norms of a run or bike ride would still be a challenge, Go Ape would be full of fear and apprehension. Really full of it.

Just looking at the YouTube videos made me cry. The idea of doing it seemed so far from ever being possible, so I needed to surround it with a bigger project. It couldn’t just me be pushing myself this far, I’d never do it alone so I needed to drag others in for the ride too…!

I bit the bullet, and booked it and then…

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When Its No Longer Just Grief.

I've spoken in brief about my own mental health on my Instagram lately, and I thought it was time to bring the conversation over here. Especially when many people echo back me too whenever it is spoken about. Roughly, since Leo should have turned two in January, I've found a distinct shift in my emotions. Something has … Continue reading When Its No Longer Just Grief.

What Are You Doing Here?

Recently, I've noticed that I'm struggling to process the events surrounding Leo's death, his pregnancy and his birth. Since his second birthday, there are things that I can't seem to look past, and the peace that I had gained about it all, has unravelled. I've noticed how its eating into my own self-esteem and confidence, … Continue reading What Are You Doing Here?

#StillATaboo – When You Go On Live TV…

The Internet gives us all a voice. A much louder, more heard voice than what we would have without it. Social media is a fantastic way to spread a message - whatever it is - and connect with people who either are spreading a similar message, or who just blow your mind that they bother … Continue reading #StillATaboo – When You Go On Live TV…