Rainbows aren’t the Cure | Saying Hello to Grief Again

I would describe grief as a living, breathing entity. Quite like the embers of a fire. They can sit, perfectly safe, but present for ages. Then a slow breeze can hit them, provide the much needed oxygen, and slowly the flames will reignite. Give it the right conditions, and you have a fire once again. [...]

Sharing our Journey : Tommy’s Maternal & Fetal Health Research Centre 

Today, we had the honour of attending a training event for Central Manchester NHS Trust, as a patient representative for the Rainbow Clinic.  We've discussed previously our involvement with the Clinic - it uniquely provides care in a subsequent pregnancy following a stillbirth or neonatal death. Their method of antenatal care is all inclusive, providing [...]

Baby Loss and International Women’s Day 2017

Today is International Women's Day - a day to celebrate the women's rights movements, and the position that women hold today in society as a result, but also campaign for change and progress. This year's theme centres around women in the world of work with the moto of #BeBoldForChange. Whilst I've always been aware as a [...]

Celebrating a Year of Leo

This day last year, at 2:33am, a 6lb 40z bundle of Leo Phoenix entered the world, with long feet and surprisingly dark hair. With him came the start of a year we could never have prepared for, but complete with a continuous, overflowing unconditional amount of love. Leo was born silently into this world, just [...]

Why, Despite Our Son Dying, 2016 is not the Worst Year Ever

With the run of celebrity deaths this year, and the good ol' Brexit and Trump fiasco, everyone is declaring 2016 as "the worst year ever", attempting to put Stevie Wonder into hiding until the the new year just incase, and wishing it over already. Seemingly 2017 is clearly promising the world political rebalance and a [...]