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Below is an archive of past chats: OVEMBER

DECEMBER 18th : Last #BabyLossHour of the year – catch up here.

DEMCEBER 11th : Pre Christmas and New Year Self Care – catch up here.

DECEMBER 4th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

NOVEMBER 27th : GUEST HOST :Zephyrs will be joining us to lead a discussion on volunteering for charities and organisations following loss. Catch up here

NOVEMBER 20th : GUEST HOST : Al from The Dad Network will be leading a discussion on Men, Mental Health and Baby Loss in aid of International Men’s Day. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 13th : Self Care in Grief for ‘Self Care Week’. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 6th : GUEST HOST : Aching Arms and psychical comfort after loss. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 30th : Preparing for the Festive Season. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 23rd : Relationships After Baby Loss. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 15th : BLAW SPECIAL – A Group Hug following Baby Loss Awareness Week & Wave of Light. Catch up here

OCTOBER 14th : BLAW SPECIAL – Marc Harder, Lead for the National Bereavement Care Pathway for SANDS will be joining us on a discussion on bereavement care.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 13th : BLAW SPECIAL – Will Quince MP, on All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss of which he co-leads.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 12th : BLAW SPECIAL – Jane Plumb CBE, Group B Strep Support on campaigning for improved maternity care and patient safety.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 11th : BLAW SPECIAL – Karen Burgess, Chief Exec of Petals Charity on bereavement counselling and support following the loss of a baby.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 10th : BLAW SPECIAL – Louise Stephens, Rainbow Clinic Specialist Midwife from the Tommys Rainbow Clinic in Manchester on Pregnancy After Loss Care.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 9th : BLAW SPECIAL – Ruth Bender-Atik, National Director of The Miscarriage Association on the physical experience of miscarriage. Catch up here

OCTOBER 2nd : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 25th : GUEST HOST : Bliss will be leading a discussion on managing end of life care and decisions for a baby in Neonatal care – catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 18th : GUEST HOST : Elisha Nunhofer will be joining us and leading a conversation Body Confidence after Baby Loss – catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 11th : After the first year… – discussing life after loss beyond the first anniversaries, and later milestones – catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 4th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

AUGUST 28th : When There isn’t a Rainbow – Guest Hosted by Katie, from Wildflower Blog. Catch up here.

AUGUST 21st : ‘Doing Something’ – how to find joy in ‘do something’ in response to baby loss, and what does ‘doing something’ look like to people? Catch up here.

AUGUST 14th : GUEST HOST – Agony Aunt and Social Psychologist, Dr Petra, leads a discussion on creatively exploring grief and baby loss. Catch up here.

AUGUST 7th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

JULY 31st : Friends After Baby Loss – a discussion on managing friendships and forging new connections after baby loss. Catch up here.

JULY 24th : GUEST HOST : Charlotte Moore from Knights Injury, on an open and gentle conversation focusing on getting answers after your baby has died. You can catch up here.

JULY 17th : GUEST HOST : Tommys will be joining us to lead a discussion on social media support following baby loss. You can catch up here

JULY 10th : GUEST HOST : Lullaby Trust will be joining us to lead a discussion on SIDS, support and pregnancy and parenting after infant loss. You can catch up here

JULY 3rd : #BabyLossHour Check Up – You can catch up here.

JUNE 26th : GUEST HOST : Joel, The Complete Package, on sibling support. You can catch up here.

JUNE 19th : GUEST HOST : Sands leading a discussion as part of their awareness month, 40th anniversary and #FindingTheWords campaign. You can catch up here.

JUNE 12th : GUEST HOST : Margaret Houston discussing Faith and Belief after Baby Loss. You can catch up here

JUNE 5th : #BabyLossHour Check Up. You can catch up here

MAY 29th : GUEST HOST : Group B Strep Support to discuss GBS and their role in baby loss prevention. You can catch up here.

MAY 22nd : #BabyLossHour Check Up. You can catch up here.

MAY 15th : Dying Matters Awareness Week asking What Can You Do in Your Community? You can catch up here.

MAY 8th : Layered Grief 

MAY 1st : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

APRIL 24th : GUEST HOST : Little Things & Co  leading a discussion on funerals, services and memorials – catch up here.

APRIL 17th : Finding Joy and Being Comfortable with Happiness – catch up here.

APRIL 10th : GUEST HOST : Teddy’s Wish join us in a discussion on grief journeys, and the different ways people parent from afar – catch up here.

APRIL 3rd : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

MARCH 27th : Baby Loss on TV – you can catch up here.

MARCH 20th : GUEST HOST : The charity ARC (Antental Results and Choices) will be guest hosting a discussion on baby loss following antenatal screening and diagnosis. Catch up here.

MARCH 3rd : #BabyLossHour Check Up on the approach to Mothers Day : catch up here.

MARCH 13th : Care in a Pregnancy After Loss – a special Baby Loss Hour as part of a week long take over of the @MatExpBazaar twitter account. Catch up here

FEB 27th : GUEST HOST : Nicole Bowles from Our Missing Peace discussing loss after the neonatal stage – catch up here.

FEB 20th : Open Question & Answers : you can catch up here.

FEB 13th : Returning to Work after Baby Loss : you can catch up here.

FEB 6th : #BabyLossHour Check Up : catch up here.

JAN 30th : GUEST HOST : Emma from Beyond Birth Trauma and Unfold Your Wings discussing trauma and birth trauma in baby loss – catch up here.

JAN 23rd : OPEN Q&A : catch up here.

JAN 16th : BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES : catch up here.