Below is an archive of past chats:


Forgiving those who let us down

Dealing with other people’s pregnancies

The early days between loss and a funeral

Protecting the mental health of the bereaved

Inclusivity in support services

Addressing the racial disparity in maternal outcomes

Bereavement care during Covid-19, with Sands

Loosing a baby or child during the pandemic

Pregnancy after Loss during Covid-19

Creating a peaceful place at home to remember your child

The impact of social-distancing on the feeling of isolation in grief

Preparing for Mother’s Day

Self care, with Harry’s Heroes

The physical impact of grief

February’s general catch up

Dealing with maternity scandals in the news.

Secondary infertility after loss.

Words and language after baby loss, with Philippa Davies.

Our first session, catch up after New Year.


DECEMBER 10th : With Tommy’s Midwices, discussing recurrent loss. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 26th : When everyone else is pregnant. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 19th : with Bliss, to mark World Prematurity Day talking about loss following the early arrival of a child. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 12th : with @cbukhelp discussing the increased risk of suicide following bereavement. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 5th : #BabyLossHour Check Up 

OCTOBER : When you don’t know where you fit. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 22nd : Culture and loss, grief and trauma. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 15th : #WaveOfLight – catch up here.

OCTOBER 8th :  Maternal factors associated to cause of death. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 1st : Navigating an Awareness Month. Catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 24th : Improving NHS support. Catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 17th : Share and find your local support. Catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 10th : Beyond Be a talks about education health care professionals. Catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 3rd : #BabyLossHour Check Up. Catch up here.

AUGUST 27th : Zephyr’s talks about create balance between life and loss. Catch up here.

AUGUST 20th : Lucy Herd talks about Parental Bereavement Leave. Catch up here.

AUGUST 13th : Ross from Nine4Norah on epic fundraising challenges. Catch up here.

AUGUST 6th : #BabyLossHour Check Up. Catch up here.

JULY 29th : Cradle on Early Pregnancy Loss. Catch up here.

JULY 23rd : Managing relationships with partners and spouses following the loss of a baby. Catch up here.

JULY 16th : Dr Catriona Davis on the role of the GP following pregnancy and baby loss Catch up here and then extra discussion here.

JULY 9th : Norfolk & Norwich Baby Bereavement Group on local innovation to improve support. Catch up here.

JULY 2nd : #BabyLossHour Check Up – Catch up here.

JUNE 25th : Claire Ward, from My Tribe Yoga, discussing the benefits of yoga after loss. Catch up here.

JUNE 18th : Alice Jolly and Writing. Catch up here.

JUNE 11th : Richard Boyd, from Shoebox Full of Memories, in celebration of Father’s Day. Catch up here.

JUNE 4th : Sands United football team on the benefits of sport, exercise and community after loss. Catch up here.

MAY 28th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

MAY 21st : Marc Harder, from SANDS, on the National Bereavement Care Pathway evaluation. Catch up here.

MAY 14th : Dr Karl McPherson on baby loss in the BAME community. Catch up here.

MAY 7th : Guilt after loss and how we can ease it – catch up here

APRIL 30th : An anyones takeover – catch up here

APRIL 23rd : a discussion on wider family dynamics – catch up here

APRIL 16th : PC Grace Detoeuf joined us to talk about workplace support following the death of a baby. Catch up here.

APRIL 9th : a discussion on mementoes after loss, their meaning and how things can change over time. Catch up here.

APRIL 2nd : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

MARCH 26th : Pregnancy After Loss Support join us for their awareness month. Catch up here.

MARCH 19th : Kate Pinney, from Tommy’s Midwives, will be joining us to talk about supporting bereaved parents from a Health Visitor perspective. Catch up here.

MARCH 12th : Supporting vs breaking the echo chamber? What is the priority? Catch up here.

MARCH 5th : #BabyLossHour Check Up. Catch up here.

FEBRUARY 26th : Jennie Agg, journalist and pregnancy loss blogger, will be joining us to discuss the ins and outs of sharing stories of baby loss in the media. Catch up here.C

FEBRUARY 19th : How can someone best support a bereaved parent? Catch up here.

FEBRUARY 12th : Caroline Lloyd aka The Grief Geek will be leading a discussion on hierarchies in grief, following her #ItStillTakesAVillage spotlight . Catch up here.

FEBRUARY 5th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

JANUARY 29th : A discussion on representation and diversity in loss in the media and online?  Catch up here.

JANUARY 22nd : GUEST HOST : Leo’s Neonatal will be joining us to discuss the loss of a baby or babies following a pregnancy of multiples, before, during or after birth. Catch up here.

JANUARY 15th : GUEST HOST : Lisa Ramsey from the Maternity Voices Partnership to discuss how they cans support bereaved parents to help inform change in maternity services. Catch up here.

JANUARY 8th : How do we go about looking forward after loss and making plans for the future? Catch up here.

JANUARY 1st : #BabyLossHour Check Up


DECEMBER 18th : Last #BabyLossHour of the year – catch up here.

DEMCEBER 11th : Pre Christmas and New Year Self Care – catch up here.

DECEMBER 4th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

NOVEMBER 27th : GUEST HOST : Zephyrson volunteering for charities and organisations following loss. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 20th : GUEST HOST : Al from The Dad Network will be leading a discussion on Men, Mental Health and Baby Loss in aid of International Men’s Day. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 13th : Self Care in Grief for ‘Self Care Week’. Catch up here.

NOVEMBER 6th : GUEST HOST : Aching Arms and psychical comfort after loss. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 30th : Preparing for the Festive Season. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 23rd : Relationships After Baby Loss. Catch up here.

OCTOBER 15th : BLAW SPECIAL – A Group Hug following Baby Loss Awareness Week & Wave of Light. Catch up here

OCTOBER 14th : BLAW SPECIAL – Marc Harder, Lead for the National Bereavement Care Pathway for SANDS will be joining us on a discussion on bereavement care.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 13th : BLAW SPECIAL – Will Quince MP, on All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss of which he co-leads.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 12th : BLAW SPECIAL – Jane Plumb CBE, Group B Strep Support on campaigning for improved maternity care and patient safety.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 11th : BLAW SPECIAL – Karen Burgess, Chief Exec of Petals Charity on bereavement counselling and support following the loss of a baby.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 10th : BLAW SPECIAL – Louise Stephens, Rainbow Clinic Specialist Midwife from the Tommys Rainbow Clinic in Manchester on Pregnancy After Loss Care.  Catch up here.

OCTOBER 9th : BLAW SPECIAL – Ruth Bender-Atik, National Director of The Miscarriage Association on the physical experience of miscarriage. Catch up here

OCTOBER 2nd : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 25th : GUEST HOST : Bliss will be leading a discussion on managing end of life care and decisions for a baby in Neonatal care – catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 18th : GUEST HOST : Elisha Nunhofer will be joining us and leading a conversation Body Confidence after Baby Loss – catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 11th : After the first year… – discussing life after loss beyond the first anniversaries, and later milestones – catch up here.

SEPTEMBER 4th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

AUGUST 28th : When There isn’t a Rainbow – Guest Hosted by Katie, from Wildflower Blog. Catch up here.

AUGUST 21st : ‘Doing Something’ – how to find joy in ‘do something’ in response to baby loss, and what does ‘doing something’ look like to people? Catch up here.

AUGUST 14th : GUEST HOST – Agony Aunt and Social Psychologist, Dr Petra, leads a discussion on creatively exploring grief and baby loss. Catch up here.

AUGUST 7th : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

JULY 31st : Friends After Baby Loss – a discussion on managing friendships and forging new connections after baby loss. Catch up here.

JULY 24th : GUEST HOST : Charlotte Moore from Knights Injury, on an open and gentle conversation focusing on getting answers after your baby has died. You can catch up here.

JULY 17th : GUEST HOST : Tommys will be joining us to lead a discussion on social media support following baby loss. You can catch up here

JULY 10th : GUEST HOST : Lullaby Trust will be joining us to lead a discussion on SIDS, support and pregnancy and parenting after infant loss. You can catch up here

JULY 3rd : #BabyLossHour Check Up – You can catch up here.

JUNE 26th : GUEST HOST : Joel, The Complete Package, on sibling support. You can catch up here.

JUNE 19th : GUEST HOST : Sands leading a discussion as part of their awareness month, 40th anniversary and #FindingTheWords campaign. You can catch up here.

JUNE 12th : GUEST HOST : Margaret Houston discussing Faith and Belief after Baby Loss. You can catch up here

JUNE 5th : #BabyLossHour Check Up. You can catch up here

MAY 29th : GUEST HOST : Group B Strep Support to discuss GBS and their role in baby loss prevention. You can catch up here.

MAY 22nd : #BabyLossHour Check Up. You can catch up here.

MAY 15th : Dying Matters Awareness Week asking What Can You Do in Your Community? You can catch up here.

MAY 8th : Layered Grief 

MAY 1st : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

APRIL 24th : GUEST HOST : Little Things & Co  leading a discussion on funerals, services and memorials – catch up here.

APRIL 17th : Finding Joy and Being Comfortable with Happiness – catch up here.

APRIL 10th : GUEST HOST : Teddy’s Wish join us in a discussion on grief journeys, and the different ways people parent from afar – catch up here.

APRIL 3rd : #BabyLossHour Check Up – catch up here.

MARCH 27th : Baby Loss on TV – you can catch up here.

MARCH 20th : GUEST HOST : The charity ARC (Antental Results and Choices) will be guest hosting a discussion on baby loss following antenatal screening and diagnosis. Catch up here.

MARCH 3rd : #BabyLossHour Check Up on the approach to Mothers Day : catch up here.

MARCH 13th : Care in a Pregnancy After Loss – a special Baby Loss Hour as part of a week long take over of the @MatExpBazaar twitter account. Catch up here

FEB 27th : GUEST HOST : Nicole Bowles from Our Missing Peace discussing loss after the neonatal stage – catch up here.

FEB 20th : Open Question & Answers : you can catch up here.

FEB 13th : Returning to Work after Baby Loss : you can catch up here.

FEB 6th : #BabyLossHour Check Up : catch up here.

JAN 30th : GUEST HOST : Emma from Beyond Birth Trauma and Unfold Your Wings discussing trauma and birth trauma in baby loss – catch up here.

JAN 23rd : OPEN Q&A : catch up here.

JAN 16th : BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES : catch up here.