#StillATaboo – When You Go On Live TV…

The Internet gives us all a voice. A much louder, more heard voice than what we would have without it. Social media is a fantastic way to spread a message - whatever it is - and connect with people who either are spreading a similar message, or who just blow your mind that they bother … Continue reading #StillATaboo – When You Go On Live TV…


LGBT Baby Loss | I Can Carry You

My eyes were opened to the struggle that a fertility cycle could involve. I no longer naïvely thought it would only take one attempt to bring home a baby. And I now knew the devastating truth that a healthy pregnancy did not always end with a baby to keep.

On the Due Date of the Baby We Miscarried

Today, is our due date. The due date of the baby we miscarried in summer, of our flicker of hope, of our little Robin. I didn't actually remember until mid morning. Or at least I didn't really click that it was the 23rd until mid morning. I'd known that this date was approaching. It's a … Continue reading On the Due Date of the Baby We Miscarried

5 for 5 Challenge : Month Eight

It feels like this month, or October at least, has been quite a big month with lots happening for Baby Loss Awareness. We have had an up and down few weeks, for one reason or another, and whilst I feel that some respite from it all would be amazing - I'm not sure that you … Continue reading 5 for 5 Challenge : Month Eight

Capture Your Grief : Day 1 – 10

I have been taking part in Carly Marie Dudley's Project, Capture Your Grief. It is something I discovered when I first dipped my toe in to the online baby loss community, and knew it would be something I'd want to take part it. I didn't expect October to come round so quickly though. I've been … Continue reading Capture Your Grief : Day 1 – 10

Grief Brain : Baby Brain’s Ugly Sister 

Lately, we've talked about the notion of grief brain and having just done a quick Google, I feel pretty validated that its a genuine thing. I remember when baby brain hit when I was pregnant with Leo. I'd stare at the keyboard for ages at work, trying to work out how to spell the simplest of … Continue reading Grief Brain : Baby Brain’s Ugly Sister 

Miles In Memory : Update

Well, the past few weeks have been a bit of a blur and have been filled with the love (and deep missing) of so many babies. A small idea (http://wp.me/p7boXM-vD£) that I thought would be good to motivate us to meet our crazy aim of waking 310 miles throughout October (between me and The Wife) … Continue reading Miles In Memory : Update

Challenging Fear

A few months ago, our anger and anxiety was at its peak. It was becoming crippling. We had slowly started to get a grip on general things, but social events were still such a challenge, small irritations were large irritations and it was all just running away with itself. It feels like, for now, we … Continue reading Challenging Fear

Miles in Memory

For October, Baby Loss Awareness Month, we are taking part in Aching Arms UK #MilesInMemory. We have a team involved (feel free to join) but me and The Wife have decided to try and clock up 310 miles, which statistically is a mile for every baby stillborn through the month of October. This is going … Continue reading Miles in Memory

5for5 Challenge : Month Seven

And... September. Neither of us are really loving that we are in September for so many reasons. As winter approaches, we approach our two biggest challenges of the next few months - Christmas, and Leo's first birthday. Every degree cooler, and every day closer, just fills with a little bit more dread. With the sun … Continue reading 5for5 Challenge : Month Seven