Dear Bereaved Mother,

I hope that this weekend is gentle on your heavy heart.

I hope that with every deep breath you are able to calm that deep sinking feeling.

I hope that when you close your eyes you can see the precious details of your little one’s face.

I hope that with every long inhale you can smell their sweet new baby aroma.

I hope that you can feel their soft flawless skin on your gentle kiss.

I hope that you can hear the beating drum of their heart alongside yours.

I hope that you know that your little one is with you, a part of you, forever.

This Mother’s Day and every Mother’s Day in the future may not be how you imagined it. It may not look like other people’s. It may not feel warm and fuzzy. You may not feel strong enough to grace the day with a smile. You may not want to partake in any form of celebration.

That is absolutely fine. You are not alone. You are in a club of mothers getting through the day the only way they know how. By surviving. By living. By being the lionesses that they are. Protecting their cubs and their hearts as best they can.

Be gentle on yourself, fellow lionesses.

Today does not define your motherhood.

You define your motherhood.


Much love,

Leo’s Mummy


PS I have write this to myself, just as much as I have to others.

2 thoughts on “Dear Bereaved Mother on Mother’s Day

  1. What a wonderful note to bereaved mothers. ❤️ Our Mother’s Day is in May here. I’ve not thought about it at all yet – I’m sure it’ll be a very hard day. So much love to you as you experience this day so soon after losing your precious Leo.


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