When I first joined Twitter, I came across the 5for5 Challenge and was inspired by their story and how they were using this milestone to honour their son in such a beautiful way. With 5 being Leo’s number, I knew I wanted to do something but wasn’t sure what.

We are already doing a fair bit of fundraising for Leo this year so I knew my potential sponsorship pool would be limited, so over the past few weeks I considered different ways to combine the two.

So in an effort to grieve healthy, I am pledging to commit to the following five goals over the next year.

FUNDRAISE : To raise £5000 by Leo’s first birthday

We have lots planned already and I’m pretty confident we can achieve this, we are £2000 (nearly!) down already! 

WELLBEING : To do everything I can to be healthy mentally and physically in general 

Now, I’m not claiming I’m gonna only eat green beans or loose 2 stone, but I’m going to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle – my ideas are finding a new yoga class, swim, redo C25K, build back up to 10k steps a day, eat well and learn new recipes. I might even explore some mindfulness. I’m gonna have time on my hands after all. 

STUDY : To read the Lancet papers and research stillbirth and IVF and respond in some way

I want to understand more about this world we are now in, so will start with reading the recent Lancet papers and empower ourselves with knowledge and information. I want to explore the blogs and journeys that I have come across more, and immerse myself in a world of inspiration – initially also want to read the #OnComingAlive collection. 

VOLUNTEER : To enquire about working with someone like Remember My Baby and / or another charity or organisation to help families like ours 

I want to do something practical to give back – I know this year may be too soon, but I’d like to know what is possible and work towards it. 

REMEMBER : To participate in some local & National SANDS remembrance events & take part in Capture your Grief in October amongst others 

To actively remember Leo in a practical way, we want to attend the remembrance events locally and nationally, attend some local SANDS group activities, reflect with #CaptureYourGrief, continue to blog and share Leo’s story and find other ways to honour and remember him. 
I plan on updating my blog with progress and ups & downs on or around the 17th each month – Leo’s date of birth.

Part of the challenge is also to recruit five other people – so please let me know if reading this is the first time you’ve heard of the challenge and whether you pledge to do something too! Have a look at the website for more info. It doesn’t have to be big – everything will help this wonderful family towards honouring their son on his 5th birthday.

Happy Birthday Seamus. 

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