What Are You Doing Here?

Recently, I've noticed that I'm struggling to process the events surrounding Leo's death, his pregnancy and his birth. Since his second birthday, there are things that I can't seem to look past, and the peace that I had gained about it all, has unravelled. I've noticed how its eating into my own self-esteem and confidence, … Continue reading What Are You Doing Here?


#LeoForTommys Virtual Step Challenge 

You are all invited to take part in our virtual step challenge to help raise money for Tommy's and win a Borders Bakeshop Lion Bar themed box of goodies! Trust us, they are worth the steppage! Anyone can take part, just record you steps throughout the week commencing March 20th and whoever records the most … Continue reading #LeoForTommys Virtual Step Challenge 

5 for 5 Challenge : End of Year Update

I've missed a few of these updates, but now as we approach the end of the year I thought I'd do a final review of where we are with all the aspects of the challenge. If you haven't read before, the 5 for 5 Challenge was set up to mark a little boy called Seamus' … Continue reading 5 for 5 Challenge : End of Year Update

Miles In Memory : The End

This October, in recognition of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, we set out to honour babies gone too soon. It was a small idea, a way to motivate us out of the house to complete the 310 miles we had pledged to Aching Arms’ Miles in Memory challenge. Why 310 miles? We pledged to … Continue reading Miles In Memory : The End

Miles in Memory

For October, Baby Loss Awareness Month, we are taking part in Aching Arms UK #MilesInMemory. We have a team involved (feel free to join) but me and The Wife have decided to try and clock up 310 miles, which statistically is a mile for every baby stillborn through the month of October. This is going … Continue reading Miles in Memory

5for5 : Month Five & Six

Okay, so hands up, I admit it - I missed a month. The six month mark of Leo's death and birth took us by some surprise, we naively didn't think it would affect us that much (Ha! What silly people we are!) and so, I missed it and by the time I realised, I figured … Continue reading 5for5 : Month Five & Six

5for5 : Month Four

A little late, and we shall see if it ends up getting posted - we are living somewhat in 1999 with Internet at the moment, except dial-up is poor 3G signal, and my massive noisey computer is just my phone. All thanks to a lightning strike taking out everything Sky. #firstworldproblems To find out what … Continue reading 5for5 : Month Four

What does SANDS give us?

June is SANDS Awareness Month. It's like Christmas for the baby loss community online. Just with orange and a bucket load of sadness. It's incredible. It's eye opening. It's comforting. I've been sharing on our Facebook page, the different ways SANDS use all the generous donations to help the baby loss community. It's important for … Continue reading What does SANDS give us?

A Legacy Milestone : Five 

Five thousand pounds has now been raised in Leo's name. Five thousand pounds. This was our annual target to hit for Leo's first birthday - in January. Next year. We have only just started fundraising properly this month - with three races, the latest was yesterday. Our friend ran the Edinburgh 5km and raised just … Continue reading A Legacy Milestone : Five