I went for a walk this morning (hatching Pokemon Eggs) and got thinking.

We are all WARRIORS.

Some bloody scary warriors in the face of life’s shits.

Everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Big ones. Small ones. Multicolour ones. 

Most of us don’t even know what that battle is. Some people don’t like to share it. Some do. Some pave the way. Some quietly help others. Some battle in silence. Soume face an impossible struggle of darkness. There are all sorts of battles.

All sorts of battles. All sorts of WARRIORS. Of every shape, size and style you could possibly imagine.

Maybe the person next to you at work is the strongest warrior you never knew about. Maybe the person on the train is a ninja warrior. Maybe that person who just got tutted at in the supermarket is really struggling to keep that warrior crown on their heads. Maybe someone you know isn’t fighting a huge battle, but is just a inspirational warrior anyway.

What do you really know about people, their battles and their warrior status?

We want to celebrate all the warriors and the organisations that help them be the best warriors that they can be. And ultimately give a fist pump to a warrior.

So from our Mini Robin Designs account (as its hopefully speaks to all warriors and not just us baby loss warriors) we are going to start #FistPumpAWarrior.

The idea being…

1) Take your best warrior selfie, maybe include a sign saying #FistPumpAWarrior and decorate it (if you want!)

2) Share it everywhere and anywhere. Tag @minirobindesigns and hashtag #FistPumpAWarrior

3) If you’d like to break the silence about your warrior status, feel free to share your story. What makes you a warrior? Who and what helps you fight? Maybe you support other warriors be warriors. Tell us about being a warrior. If you don’t feel up to sharing, then just bask in warrior glory with your selfie.

4) To give other warriors a helping hand, tag some organisations that help you channel your inner warrior 👊🏻

5) To spread the love and keep it going, tag some fellow warriors who inspire you!

This is just a random idea but sometimes we all deserve a massive pat on the back for survival!

To see our post, visit us on :




Thank you for playing along! Feel free to share this blog and the posts wide and far 👊🏻

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