Grieving this Christmas? Discover #AdventToRemember and its Wonderful Community

#AdventToRemember is a project aimed at anyone grieving over Christmas, and missing a loved one - whoever that may be. It was born from our first Christmas after Leo died, when we shared our Advent project for him on our blog. We decided to soften the pain, to do something everyday in his name, whether … Continue reading Grieving this Christmas? Discover #AdventToRemember and its Wonderful Community


What Are You Doing Here?

Recently, I've noticed that I'm struggling to process the events surrounding Leo's death, his pregnancy and his birth. Since his second birthday, there are things that I can't seem to look past, and the peace that I had gained about it all, has unravelled. I've noticed how its eating into my own self-esteem and confidence, … Continue reading What Are You Doing Here?

Challenging Fear

A few months ago, our anger and anxiety was at its peak. It was becoming crippling. We had slowly started to get a grip on general things, but social events were still such a challenge, small irritations were large irritations and it was all just running away with itself. It feels like, for now, we … Continue reading Challenging Fear


I went for a walk this morning (hatching Pokemon Eggs) and got thinking. We are all WARRIORS. Some bloody scary warriors in the face of life's shits. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Big ones. Small ones. Multicolour ones.  Most of us don't even know what that battle is. Some people don't like to … Continue reading #FistPumpAWarrior

A Creative Outlet for Grief

I can't actually believe that we've got it this far, its still very early days, but last week we launched our little shop 'Mini Robin Designs' and I am loving having a creative purpose to all the thoughts running through my head, and I hope that others like what we are creating.

Restarting Life After Loss 

We are at the end of a really shit week. The shock and pain of this recent loss hasn't been felt to our core, to each and every fibre of our bodies, like how we felt the loss of Leo. That alien feeling stayed with us for weeks, months even. Now, we just feel stuck, … Continue reading Restarting Life After Loss