Leo Phoenix is Three!

Three. I'd sum three up as bloody surreal. I mean, it's all surreal but with each year, that feeling gets stronger. I think the distance makes the memories that bit more sketchy, and far less tangible. 'Three' is not the 6lb 4oz newborn that we said goodbye to. 'Three' is not the baby we'd dreamed … Continue reading Leo Phoenix is Three!


…and just like that, he is one.

We have been away on a last minute Daily Mail special (we googled the codes, don’t panic, I refuse to buy the DM!), at a Haven in Hastings in East Sussex for Eli’s birthday. And it’s been wonderful to be somewhere different, make memories and celebrate the little dude who has given us so much … Continue reading …and just like that, he is one.

Celebrations After Stillbirth

What do you want for your birthday? I don't blame anyone for asking me. It is my birthday after all. I wouldn't expect people to let it go by unnoticed. But I just can't relate to the word want anymore. I don't understand how I could want anything ever again.