Using a Newly Found Passion to Make a Difference to Someone Else’s Life | Lucy, Founder of Upon Butterfly Wings for the #ItStillTakesAVillageBlogSeries

Using a Newly Found Passion to Make a Difference to Someone Else’s Life | Spotlight on Lucy from Upon Butterfly Wings for #ItStillTakesAVillage


The Future Motivates Me, The Past Inspires Me | Danielle, Researcher for the #ItStillTakesAVillageBlogSeries

"We need to do something about this silence!" Read about @Daniellep89 experiences of baby loss, and turning her own loss into the motivation to research stillbirth. #ItStillTakesAVillage #Stillbirth

What Are You Doing Here?

Recently, I've noticed that I'm struggling to process the events surrounding Leo's death, his pregnancy and his birth. Since his second birthday, there are things that I can't seem to look past, and the peace that I had gained about it all, has unravelled. I've noticed how its eating into my own self-esteem and confidence, … Continue reading What Are You Doing Here?

#StillATaboo – When You Go On Live TV…

The Internet gives us all a voice. A much louder, more heard voice than what we would have without it. Social media is a fantastic way to spread a message - whatever it is - and connect with people who either are spreading a similar message, or who just blow your mind that they bother … Continue reading #StillATaboo – When You Go On Live TV…

Miles in Memory

For October, Baby Loss Awareness Month, we are taking part in Aching Arms UK #MilesInMemory. We have a team involved (feel free to join) but me and The Wife have decided to try and clock up 310 miles, which statistically is a mile for every baby stillborn through the month of October. This is going … Continue reading Miles in Memory

Saying Goodbye

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, but have been participating in the #MayWeAllHeal and #CreativelyMe prompts on Instagram which have both been like self-counselling, tapping into to other aspects of this grief journey, but I was keen to share a recent activity. On Saturday, we went to a Saying Goodbye service … Continue reading Saying Goodbye