Here are my final Bump Day Blog Updates for Pregancy After Loss Support.

Week 33: Preparing for Birth and Beyond

“I find myself quite comfortable with the pregnancy side of things, given we’ve done this before. I know an element of what to expect, it isn’t new. Although this pregnancy is different in response to Leo’s death, it is relatively familiar. Yet, the postnatal aspect… Well, we don’t really go there and consider the reality of making it through all of this with a baby that cries, moves and breathes at the end of it.”

You can read the full update here.

Week 34: The Rumblings

“For the past week or so, I have felt my anxiety start to rise again. Whilst we’ve had a calm run through the third trimester, I have started to feel that those rumblings have been getting louder, and louder. They aren’t overwhelming (yet) but they are most certainly gaining attention.”

You can read the full update here.

Week 35: Admission

“Week 35 has taken an unexpected curve ball, in the fact that I’ve been admitted to hospital. All is well physically, but I was beginning to loose my grip. As I said last week, the anxiety was rebuilding. As a result, I lost my ability to trust any movements, myself or my faith in everything going well. At all.”

You can read the full update here.

Week 36 included another unexpected curve ball, in the form of the slightly earlier than planned arrival of Mr Eli River, Leo’s little brother. A quick induction, a short stay in special care and some time under the lamps for jaundice and he finally got to come home with us. He is now three weeks old today, and life resembles the eat-sleep-poop-repeat routine that we had always longed for with Leo. Eli’s birth story will be shared in the next week or so over on Pregnancy After Loss Support and I’ll share it here too.

If you are finding yourself here, and interested in our Pregnancy After Loss journey, all the Bump Day Blogs and other related posts are held under the category “Magpie” – Eli’s former name! 


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