An update on some of the latest Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support, weeks 29 – 32.

Week 29: A Shift

“Throughout this pregnancy, I have never really felt pregnant enough. Everything always seems as though it’ll be when you get to X weeks or from the third trimester. And it feels now that we are finally at that point. I discussed it last week, but entering the final weeks has shifted things. Being on the cusp of 30 weeks, and having an induction booked, means that we are on the home straight. Its a good feeling, scary, but good all at the same time.”

You can read the full update here
Week 30: Looking Back at Leo’s Pregnancy

“In Leo’s pregnancy, it was probably at this point that I allowed myself to relax, prepare and actually believe that this was happening. Yet, it was also at this point in his pregnancy, that he started to show signs of decline. These signs weren’t really noted at the time. But hindsight tells us that from this point, his growth slowed. We were given no indication that anything was wrong with Leo during his pregnancy.”

You can read the full update here.
Week 31: Indulging in Hope, Buying Baby Clothes

“We’ve had another gentle week. We are slowly ticking down the weeks until induction and sussing out what we need or want to do in preparation for Magpie’s birth, and hopefully, his homecoming. I’ve been meaning to talk about the indulgence of buying baby clothes for a while, as its one of those complex things in pregnancy after loss – so I thought now was as good a time as any!”

You can read the full update here

Week 32: Surpassing Milestones

“We’ve spoken about milestones in pregnancy after loss before, and we tend to keep them small, or not too far in the future. Small, short targets feel less daunting. But this week, we’ve achieved two big milestones; a wedding, and starting maternity leave.”

You can read the full update here.
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Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey, we are now almost 35 weeks and the finish line is very much in sight!
– J x

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