Here are our most recent Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support for those who are wanting to follow this aspect of our journey. 

Week 21: Hitting Maximum

“I’d describe this week as proof that the old stress analogy of the overflowing glass of water is spot on. I most certainly hit my maximum. And overfilled. I just didn’t really realise it was coming. Nothing really prompted it. There wasn’t one event. It’s just everything combined. We’ve been exhausted for weeks, still struggling with the knock on effects of Christmas and Leo’s first birthday. And the rest of life. Yet, I didn’t fully realise how close to my maximum I was.”

You can read it here.

Week 22: Time in PAL

“In terms of time within this pregnancy, we started at taking it one day at a time. Then slowly, we moved to weeks. We had some slightly larger goals that held signifance and slowly ticking them off feels like quite an achievement. Getting to double figure weeks, our 12 week scan, our first consultant appointment, our Rainbow Clinic appointment, then getting out of the teen weeks. Now I have my sights firmly set on 24 weeks.”

You can read it here.

Week 23: Anxiety Spirals & Awaiting Milestones

“I think as soon as I hit 23 weeks this Monday, I had that sense of so close, yet so far, and what if we fell at the ‘last hurdle’. Now, obviously, I appreciate that viability is far from being the last hurdle. But I hadn’t really placed much emphasis on getting beyond this point. So, after being a bit distracted from monitoring movements, we ended up in the Maternity Assessment Unit. We survived the first late night visit!”

You can read it here

Week 24: Reaching Viability, Planning &a Celebrating 

“It is significant. It’s significant in the world of baby loss. I don’t really recall this as anything of note in Leo’s pregnancy. But in this world, it is something that is acknowledged. Right now, it feels good, a little bit lighter for a while. A shift in the goal posts.”

You can read it here.

You can follow along on future updates at Pregnancy After Loss Support every Friday. 

– J x

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