A Creative Outlet for Grief

I can't actually believe that we've got it this far, its still very early days, but last week we launched our little shop 'Mini Robin Designs' and I am loving having a creative purpose to all the thoughts running through my head, and I hope that others like what we are creating.


What if You Miscarry your Rainbow?

I guess I should start by saying that if the title of this blog looks at all distressing to you, or you aren't in the best frame of minds or places right now - you might want to step away from the triggers. This isn't the cheeriest of posts. On Monday, we miscarried. I was 6 … Continue reading What if You Miscarry your Rainbow?

I Miss All Of The Leo’s 

The pain is heavy. It is physical. It is sitting on my chest. The weight of forever taking my breath. I don't just miss my baby boy. This isn't just a pregnancy loss. I miss all of the Leo's. I miss the inconsistent sleeper, the newborn crier, the fussy eater. I miss the cheeky smiler, … Continue reading I Miss All Of The Leo’s 

Learning Lessons

This morning, I watched an interview of a woman who was one of Jimmy Saville's victims, on Victoria Derbyshire. It was in the lead up to a BBC documentary on tonight. I have put it on to record, it will no doubt be harrowing. The woman in the interview was inspiring and so much of … Continue reading Learning Lessons

5fo5 : Month One 

Last month, I donated and pledged to the 5for5 Challenge. If you haven't seen what this challenge is, have a look here at the story of Seamus and how his family are marking his fifth birthday. Here, to hold myself accountable, is an update on my five pledges on two month since the birth of … Continue reading 5fo5 : Month One 

Unsolicited Advice

So, it appears we are at the beginning of two stages: firstly, discovering which friends really make the cut, and secondly, putting up with random people's unsolicited advice. Granted, the second is the joy every new parent has to learn to deal with. You smile, go oh really, that's interesting, I'll look into that, and … Continue reading Unsolicited Advice