For those of you asking about how we are getting one with our pregnancy, I thought I’d share my most recent Bump Day Blogs that’s I’ve written for “Pregnancy After Loss Support” here.

It’s been really helpful to have weekly check points, recapping on how things have been going and also, a really good reminder to take a Bump pic – there isn’t much of a Bump yet, but we have so few from Leo’s pregnancy, I’m keen to take more.

Week 12 :We are clouded by the constant awareness that we don’t know how long it will last, and what the outcome will be.”

You can read it here:

Week 13 : “Appointments that may be exciting for some, but just seem to be exhausting for me so far. There seems to be so much emotional energy spent on them.”

You can read it here:

Week 14: “As we approach the anniversary of Leo’s death, and his birth, the balance of grieving whilst also being pregnant is becoming an increasingly harder thing to perfect.”

You can read it here:

Week 15 & 16: “Our energy levels are depleted – we grieve for our baby who died, and we fight continuously to keep this one alive. There is little room for much else.”

You can read it here:

They are posted every Friday and I reshare them on our Facebook page, so if you are interested – keep an eye over there.

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