The other night, a friend messaged us some incredibly kind words about how she was feeling about everything.

It got me thinking about wanting to keep hold of the things that we are learning in this shitty situation.

I’m sure there will be a time far in the future when the day-to-day rubbish starts filtering back and we begin to loose sight of what really matters.

So here are my reminders so far…

  • Have compassion. Don’t judge. Don’t make quick assessments of people. Don’t think people are out to just annoy you. You¬†never know what someone is or has been going through. Don’t go out of your way to make their day worse.
  • Don’t be scared to open your heart and mind. We are private beings by nature and sharing the negative stuff doesn’t come easy – but without sharing how we feel, we close ourselves off to support that we never knew was there.
  • Don’t second guess people. Put yourself out there and allow people to write their own impression of themselves – people can surprise you both negatively and positively, but it’s best to let them have the choice in their actions without you limiting it for them in the first place.
  • Life isn’t easy, don’t give up. If you have a goal, prioritise it and go for it. No matter what the road may be, live for it.
  • Fear is worse than the reality. Whatever is worrying you or making you anxious, is always worse than the actual doing. You delivered your stillborn baby without the fear you had the day before – overcome the fear and you can accomplish anything.
  • Nothing has to break you, if you don’t want it to. Own it. Decide how this is going to go down and control the journey. Let things happen, but if you aren’t happy with how those things are happening, you have the control to change it.
  • Write your own journey. There is no rule book on life. Make it whatever you it has to be. As long as you aren’t on crack or addicted to gambling, carry on and do as your instincts tell you.
  • Love. Tell those who you love, that you love them. And enjoy love.

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