Better Births 2019 : Safety, Trust and Care

This week, I attended the NHS England Better Births Three Years On Event and share Leo and Eli's story. The event saw the annual review of the 2016 Better Births paper, aimed at improving maternity services in England. Over 500 people were in attendance across maternity, obstetric, neonatal and other related services together with families … Continue reading Better Births 2019 : Safety, Trust and Care


Our Three Days With Leo

If you were to ask someone who hasn't gone through a death of their child, which three days they would pick to remember, if that was all they could keep, I wonder what they would choose?

Why Thank You Just Isn’t Enough

Since the day we found out that Leo had died, I have not been able to find the words to adequately describe the level of care we received from the teams at our local hospital.