LGBT Baby Loss | The Most Important Message

We dreamed and we talked and we wondered out loud who you would be, but I knew in my heart that if you were anything like your mom, you would be an amazing human being.


LGBT Baby Loss | A Mission of Mine

I love my children and my wife with all my heart and couldn't dream of my life being any other way. I will never ever forget the children that I lost, but the journey has made me even more grateful.

LGBT Baby Loss | I Can Carry You

My eyes were opened to the struggle that a fertility cycle could involve. I no longer naïvely thought it would only take one attempt to bring home a baby. And I now knew the devastating truth that a healthy pregnancy did not always end with a baby to keep.

Educating Fertility 

Okay, I made the absolute mistake of first, watching Good Morning Britain and second, Victoria Derbyshire. GMB is just Daily Mail sensationalism on TV. No wonder Piers Morgan is on there. Derbyshire is much more balanced, but only if they have intelligent people on. So, a fertility doctor (Geeta Nargund) was discussing fertility education in … Continue reading Educating Fertility