A short blog on our Go Ape Adventure as part of our Ignite Your Lion Heart Challenge – first posted at http://www.igniteyourlionheart.wordpress.com

Ignite Your Lion Heart

When I started to think up the idea of Ignite Your Lion Heart, it developed from the idea of me doing Go Ape.

Ever since we started fundraising for baby loss charities, I knew it would be the thing that, for me, would be beyond challenging. I’m not a runner, I can’t ride a bike – so whilst tackling the norms of a run or bike ride would still be a challenge, Go Ape would be full of fear and apprehension. Really full of it.

Just looking at the YouTube videos made me cry. The idea of doing it seemed so far from ever being possible, so I needed to surround it with a bigger project. It couldn’t just me be pushing myself this far, I’d never do it alone so I needed to drag others in for the ride too…!

I bit the bullet, and booked it and then…

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