An update on our Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support, following Magpie’s pregnancy from Week 25 – 28.


Week 25: National I am in Control Day

“Our relationship with control is absolutely what breeds our anxiety. You are suddenly very aware of how little control you actually have over the essence of life. As a result, your mind believes that anything could happen, at any moment. This powerlessness makes even the most mundane tasks anxiety filled. No one really knows what is going to happen in the next moment. That fact is no more or less true because Leo died. But it is now imprinted to our core. The vulnerability of life. It will never, and can never, be forgotten.”

You can read the update here.


Week 26: The Impact of Busy

“Whilst we have really enjoyed ourselves over the past few weeks, being busy has had an impact. Being busy means I’m not always as in touch with Magpie’s movements as much as I’d like. If I feel out of touch one day, I need to recoup it the following day. The issue comes when we are also busy on the next day. Or if Magpie doesn’t feel as active. It essentially puts me into a deficit.”

You can read the update here.


Week 27: Starting the Nursery Prep

“Sorting the nursery out for Magpie has given us an opportunity to do just that. Finish the room. We aren’t just creating and finishing Leo’s room. That doesn’t really feel right. It’s becoming a very different room to what we’d originally planned. But there is still a sense of redemption that we are creating a warm, cherished, love filled environment that we have planned.”

You can read the update here.


Week 28: Slowly Reaching the Summit 

“Lately, we’ve felt as if there has been a shift. From day one, it hasn’t felt as though we’ve been walking a steady slope to the end point of this pregnancy. From day one, it has felt like we’ve been walking up a sheer cliff face. With less walking, but more scrambling, clutching on, climbing. Yet now, it’s starting to almost feel as though we can see the top of the mountain.”

You can read the update here.

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– J x

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