Baby Loss Hour started in January 2018, and since then, every single week parents, families, supporters, organisations and charities all invested or affected by baby loss have connected, signposted and supported each other every Tuesday evening on Twitter.

It has become such a beautiful community – relaxed, welcoming and supportive. I am so, so proud of what it has become, which is so much more than I ever imagined. I am incredibly pleased with the support that we have had from those willing to Guest Host and lead difficult but much needed conversations in an accessible and inclusive way. You can read more about #BabyLossHour here.

Not sure how to get involved?

Watch this video for a little how to.

With approaching Baby Loss Awareness Week (BLAW), just one Baby Loss Hour didn’t seem to do the movement justice. So we will be having a Baby Loss Hour every night during BLAW, from 8pm, each with a different topic and guest host.

I am so proud to present the full line up…

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Baby Loss Hour is for all those affected by or invested in any forms of baby loss – please do get involved whatever your experience or perspective. Some of the chats will operate a little different. So to discover more about the topics, the guests and how to get involved, keep reading…

OCTOBER 9th : RUTH BENDER-ATIK, National Director of The Miscarriage Association 

Ruth will be leading a gentle discussion on the physical experience of miscarriage – an often lesser heard topic, yet a reality for 1 in 4 pregnancies. The physical experience of miscarriage will vary for us all. Feel free to share your own experiences in the conversation, or hear from others to learn more about miscarriage.

OCTOBER 10th : LOUISE STEPHENS, Rainbow Clinic Specialist Midwife from the Tommys Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre in Manchester

Louise will be joining us to discuss care in a pregnancy after stillbirth and her experiences working in the groundbreaking Rainbow Clinic, as part of the Tommys Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre – something that many people, including ourselves, travel the country to access. 

Part of the session will provide an opportunity to ask Louise questions – please submit these in advance to help the session run smoothly, and I will ask them on your behalf. Please email your questions. 

OCTOBER 11th : KAREN BURGESS, Chief Exec of Petals Charity

Karen will be leading a discussion on bereavement counselling and support following the loss of a baby. Often aftercare is hard to find and sadly not always offered. Yet, throughout the journey of grief, trauma and loss, many will seek extra support. Come and discover more about the options open to you, and speak directly to Karen from Petals Charity. 

OCTOBER 12th : JANE PLUMB MBE, Chief Exec of Group B Strep Support

Many parents want lessons to be learnt and practices to change in response to the devastating loss of their baby. Jane, from Group B Strep Support, will be joining us and leading a discussion on campaigning for improved maternity care and patient safety. Come and find out more about how you can help to improve care and safety, and connect with others. 

OCTOBER 13th : WILL QUINCE MP, Co-Lead of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss 

The APPG Baby Loss, co-lead by Will Quince MP and Antionette Sandwich MP, has been pivotal in bringing about changes to bereavement care and policy to reduce baby loss and improve care. In recent years, we have seen incredibly moving and powerful debates in parliament and key policy changes such as the Parental Bereavement Leave Bill thanks for the work of Will Quince and his colleagues. 

Part of this evenings session, will provide the opportunity to ask questions to Will Quince MP. Please submit these in advance to help the session run smoothly, and I will ask them on your behalf. Please email your questions. 

OCTOBER 14th : MARC HARDER, Lead for the National Bereavement Care Pathway for SANDS

Sadly, there can be huge variations in the quality of bereavement care across the country. One initiative to improve the situation for the many families that experience baby loss is the introduction of the National Bereavement Care Pathway. Marc Harder, the Lead for this initiative for SANDS, will be joining us on a discussion on bereavement care and the hope for improvements in the future. 

OCTOBER 15th : A Group Hug following Baby Loss Awareness Week & Wave of Light 

October 15th is the day of international remembrance for baby loss, and it poignantly marked with a ‘Wave of Light’ at 7pm. This can be incredibly moving and heartwarming all at the same time. After a busy week of topics, and the inevitable press coverage, the last Baby Loss Hour will be an opportunity to check in, share your Wave of Light pictures, and connect with others. Just use the #BabyLossHour in your tweets. 


To discover more about how to get involved in the Baby Loss Awareness Week initiatives, visit the campaign website here and don’t forget to buy your pin. 


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