Here are our most recent Bump Day Blogs for Pregnancy After Loss Support for those who are wanting to follow this aspect of our journey. Looking back at these really has shown me how much changes in four short weeks.

Week 17: Reaching Milestones:  “I am so, so grateful for the Rainbow Clinic, Tommys and the whole team. All year, they have given us so much hope and faith that we can do this, and that there are people out there fighting for people like us. Without that, I’m not sure we could have taken this step.”

You can read it here.

Week 18 – Gender Dilemmas: “I know having a boy will also create an extra layer, on top of all the other layers, of comparison and what ifs within our grief for Leo as we hopefully parent Magpie. A girl would perhaps create an extra division in those comparisons, but who knows? No doubt it would come with it’s own alternative layers to navigate.
You can read it here.

Week 19 – Embracing the Lighter Moments: “I am finding that this week I am managing to keep my anxiety a little more controlled. It’s not to say that it isn’t there, and doesn’t enter my head several times a day, but I am managing to stop myself running away with it.”
You can read it here.

Week 20 – Revisiting Places of Trauma: All of this was so helpful and incredibly empowering. It allowed me to be able to visualise a visit to the Unit that played out differently to our visit for Leo. It was an incredibly freeing experience. I now feel that if I need to, I can call, seek advice and attend. It’s not to say that that would ever be easy, but by visiting in a safe and planned way, we have removed a significant aspect to the anxiety.”
You can read it here.

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