Helping Families To Heal From Baby Loss and Birth Trauma | Jan, from Healthy You Ltd, for the #ItStillTakesAVillageBlogSeries

Longer term support after baby loss is often really lacking. Something that I am becoming more and more aware of is the lack of acknowledgement that together with baby loss, parents can also experience trauma which goes unsupported. The impact of loss and trauma runs deep and can have so many knock ons. There are however, a lot of people really working hard within birth trauma and/or baby loss to put this support in place. For today's spotlight, I'd like you to meet Jan...

Anxiety through the Night when Parenting After Loss

Parenting after Loss anxiety, particularly at night, is a topic that has come up a few times lately in messages or on #BabyLossHour and I realised I don’t really talk about my anxiety now, since Eli arrived. The intensity of anxiety in pregnancy has absolutely left, but it's always there as a background beat to … Continue reading Anxiety through the Night when Parenting After Loss