About Us

Most people that meet us these days, are surprised to discover that we have known each other since Secondary School, but we first started ‘dating’ when we were 15. At an age when dating consists of five hour MSN conversations and trips to a Burger King to cash in your free chips from your Bus Pass voucher. We were together for three years, when we went our separate ways – me going to University, and ‘The Wife’ off to join the RAF and moving to Scotland.

Another five hour or so MSN conversation one evening in 2009 led to us being back together, long distance this time, with a conscious decision that this time, it’s for keeps. We got engaged in May 2010, and had our Civil Partnership in October 2011. Our newlywed first year and a bit was spent in the Highlands, before moving down to Oxfordshire at the end of 2012. This also marked the start of our journey to become parents. Skip forward to now, three years later, now married. We are parents, but not quite how we imagined it. We are now at the beginning of a very new and very unimagined phase of our lives – writing Leo’s story, because he sadly can’t.